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Trucking is one of the most convenient and efficient mean of transport.

Carriages within Ukraine, EU and CIS by trucks of various functions, weight-carrying ability and capaciousness are for your services:

  • Canvas Trailers
  • Metal Trailers
  • Refrigerator Trucks
  • Container Trucks

We design and control the whole process of delivery of your goods, starting with route-planning, recommendations on each shipment and finishing with reporting that your cargo had been delivered completely and in due condition.

In order to cross the border without any difficulties we take care of the documents and formalities beforehand.

It would be a pleasure, if the information below would be useful for you.

International motor tracking is regulated by the international agreements of Ukraine.  Ukraine has concluded several intergovernmental bilateral contracts on motor trucking, providing a licensing system of regulatory of Carries activity on the territory of contracting parties. Our specialists may help you providing detailed consultations on intergovernmental agreements and trucking rules.


Permits. In order to execute a carriage between the territories of contracting countries  or a transit trough the territories of contracting countries, the Carrier should obtain an Authorization for the execution of carriage granted by an authorized body of the country, with the exemption of non-standard cases.  Carriers entering a foreign country should submit the Permit; the same is for the carriages operated under the TIR carnet system.

The authorizations are issued for foreign Carriers stated by authorized bodies of contracting countries within the limits of annual quotas.

All the issues concerned with the permits and international shipping documents are within the competence of International Association of Carriers of Ukraine: (Ukrainian language only)

TIR carnet is the international customs document granting the right to transport cargoes through borders of the states in trucks sealed up by customs or containers with simplification of customs clearing.

CMR is the international waybill and the contract on international cargo transportation. The data about a shipment, a Sender, an Consignee, a cargo Carrier, and also a specification and transportation conditions are indicated in this waybill.


Name Carrying capacity Volume Capacity Length Width Height
Canvas semi-trailer 20-25 tons 60-92m3 22-33 euro-pallets 13,6 m 2,45 m 2,6 m
Canvas semi-trailer Jumbo To 20 tons 96-100 m3 33 euro-pallets 13,6 m 2,45 m 3 m
The refrigerator (the Temperature mode from-25 to + 25) 12-22 tons 60-92 m3 24-33 euro-pallets 13,6 m 2,45 m 2,6 m
Isotherms (Keeps air temperature at which loading was carried out) 3-25 tons 32-92 m3 6-33 euro-pallets 13,6 m 2,45 m 2,6 m
Platform For bulky goods 20-40 tons - - - - -
Tanker 12-20 tons 6-40 m3 - - - -

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