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Customs clearance is an integral part of international cargo movement. We understand our responsibility for the ordered customs clearance, because we realize that the factors influencing the value of goods are the following: to meet prescribed deadlines and to have goods on hand as soon as possible.

Our wide experience in customs clearance of the variety of goods imported to or exported from the Ukraine allows us to solve the issues concerned the customs clearance professionally. We are responsible for the whole process of customs clearance, beginning with consultations and documents preparation, including permissions necessary for export or import, and finishing with completing formalities of Customs Declaration. We are responsible for all process of customs registration, since consulting support and preparation accompanied cargo documents, reception of all necessary allowing documents for import/export of cargo and finishing closing of the cargo customs declaration.

Together with tendencies of development and improvement the customs system of Ukraine we accordingly develop and we will improve a spectrum of our services and methods of our work.

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