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Providing service of air freight carriage, we have a main task is to deliver our clients cargo to the point of destination within optimal terms and optimal price, with the highest quality of service and taking into consideration all the demands of our client concerning the process of delivery. 

We may offer both international and domestic carriages as well as express services by air transport.

Our air freight logistics.

An air carriage includes the following services:

  • Delivery of goods from the Senders warehouse to the airport of departure by truck(s) in good time;
  • Right packing of goods;
  • Passing through customs formalities at the departure point;
  • Air carriage;
  • Passing through customs formalities at the point of arrival;
  • Transportation of cargo by truck(s) from the airport of arrival to the warehouse of a Consignee.

The best option of the air carriage is supposed to meet the requirements, such as:

  • Maximum compliance with the requirements of a client, which include demands to the terms and quality of services (careful loading, strict terms of delivery),
  • Complete correspondence between price of delivery and service demands of a client,
  • Incessant informing about what has been accomplished.

There is some useful information for Senders and Consignees of Goods being transported by air below.

BASIC TERMS you may face dealing with the air transportation:

Direct air flight is a flight from the point of departure to the point of arrival without intermediate flight stops for a transshipment of goods from one plane into another one.

Transit air flight means an air flight with an intermediate stop at a transit airport and with a transshipment of cargo from one plane to another one flying to the point of destination.

Handling is a shipment from/to a warehouse of airport to/from a plane.

Transit supposes to be a transshipment from one plane to another one owned by the same airline at the transit airport, which is not a point of departure or arrival.

Transfer is a transshipment of goods from one airline to another one at the transit airport.

Consolidated shipment is a delivery of goods of different Senders within one shipment.

AWB, Airwaybill is a document containing all necessary information about the cargo, which accompanies it and testifies the fact of air carriage.

MAWB, Master Airwaybill is a primary airwaybill, which accompanies the goods and is issued for each carriage.

HAWB, House Airwaybill is a complementary airwaybill, which is issued separately for each Sender, whose goods form a consolidated shipment.

ICAO - International civil aviation organization is a UN establishment, which sets international rules for civil aviation and coordinates its development in order to enhance flight safety and efficiency.  The ICAOs primary intent is to ensure safe and ordered development of international civil aviation in the whole world as well as to provide other aspects of organization and coordination of international collaboration within the civil aviation issues, including international air carriages.

IATA International association of air transport is a leading international non-government organization forming the jural, informational and technical base of international aviation.


When executing air forwarding, weight is one of the most important characteristics of cargo. It differs as:

  • Physical weight (a result of weighing),
  • Weight by volume (should be defined, please see below),
  • Chargeable weight (the weight, which is used for the calculation of airfreight fee).

Weight by volume (in kilograms) is defined as a volume of cargo (height x width x length) in cub.meters, devided into 6000, after that the result should be rounded to one decimal place.

After that, the weight by volume should be compared with the physical weight. The larger one is supposed to be a chargeable weight.


Choosing an airplane, it is very important to be sure that the cargo will fit the airplane compartment without any obstacles.

Airplane model Volume of cargo compartments Maximum weight Dimensions of cargo compartments
U-134 14,5m3 4 tons 120115m; 11060m
U-154 38m3 5 tons 135120m
IL-62 48m3 5 tons 131121m; 100126m; 107115m; 7078m
Boeing-737 35m3 6 tons 88121cm
-310 46m3 7 tons 244171m; 181171m
IL-86 100m3 15 tons 123230m; 184240m
IL-96-300 100m3 15 tons 178182m; 87100m
Boeing -767 110m3 17 tons 340170m; 178170m

You may find MUCH MORE useful information about AIR CARRIAGES on the following websites:

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