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Incos Group LLC is a provider of logistics services also specializing in customs clearance.

An expert in dealing with customs, we conduct customs clearance of a wide range of goods and are ready to work on any complicated situation; specialize in complex handling and delivery of goods; design, optimize and execute plans of international forwarding of our clients cargo.

We are proud of professional staff we have and realize that our guarantee of success is being respectful to our clients as our clients reputation is our own reputation. We think much of every customer we have and approach to each situation individually. Our clients are sure that, when its needed, we shall be working overtime, because we realize our responsibility and highly appreciate confidence of our clients. When its needed, well be operating throughout the entire 24 hours of the day.

Welcome to Incos Group!


We take each client assignment seriously and thoroughly. According to the needs of our clients, we are ready to offer a safe delivery of cargo by any mode of transport: road transportation (trucking), air transport service, air charters, intermodal freight transportation or shipping. By request, we undertake all accompanying issues: whether its insurance, police or private armed escort.

No matter whether, are you have experience in the field of foreign trade activities or just take the first steps, for our customers we provide customs clearance of goods legal entities and individual entrepreneurs in all customs regimes in Ukraine: import customs clearance, export customs clearance, customs clearance of temporary imports, customs clearance of temporary export, customs clearance of Carnet ATA, etc.. Moreover, we provide additional services such as: accreditation at customs ( registration at customs ), the preparation of the Carnet ATA, consultation with the customs clearance and customs law, and also provide the first importer service and first exporter service. And all this - based on our years of practical experience, so that will help you to save your time on searching for logistics solutions.

Working for the client, were following your wishes and acting transparently within our competence. We are feeling responsible not only for the actual results of our work, but also for its accompanying documentations.

Whatever we do, we never stop at what has been accomplished: were looking for new challenges in logistics, monitoring of law amendments and trends at the world market.

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