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A.T.A. Carnet

Carnet A.T.A. is an international document facilitating temporary importation/reexportation of goods:

  • It exempts from custom taxes and duties, which are to be paid for the temporary importation of goods to an ATA system member-country.
  • It substitutes a national set of documents for customs clearance and is accepted by customs bodies of member-countries.
  • It is a guaranty of taxes and duties recover in case if the temporary importation terms are broken.

There is a list of goods, which may be imported/exported under the ATA carnet system defined: almost all goods, excluding consumable, perishable goods and commodities intended for repair/amendment or any other modification.

These commodities may be separated into several groups: commercial samples, professional equipment and goods intended for exhibitions, concerts, theatrical performance and other similar events.

There is a complete list of such goods in the Appendices to Istanbul Convention.

Physically, A.T.A. Carnet is a book of format А4 which contains sheets of various colours and appointments: a cover, the inventory, tear off sheets and the continuous backs used for the customs purposes at import/export, return import/export, transit.

For presentation, here it is possible to download an example of book А.Т.А.

For reception of exhaustive data  about А.Т.А.  Carnet and its application to Ukraine, you can address to our experts.

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